An Inspirational Story about Taking Matters in Your Own Hands

I love reading inspirational stories; you know, the ones of over-coming adversity and coming out on top, like David and Goliath.  These stories, if looked at into the deeper meanings, give insight into the ‘eyes’ of people who are facing a challenge and how they overcame them.  The story that provided this ‘aha’ moment does not involve any major adversity.

It  involves the ingenious marketing method a Ukranian pianist used to gain entry into the her dream and the world.  Valentina Lisitsa, aged 43, had once been on the piano competition circuit; she is classically-trained but did  not find the fame and success she had dreamed of years ago.  According to the story, Ms. Lisitsa, in trying to decide the best way to revive her passion, decided to post a video of herself playing a song by Rachmaninoff on YouTube, and continued to post, ultimately resulting in over 60 million views, 100,000 subscribers, an album and tours both in the U.S. and Europe.  This a phenomenal accomplishment on several levels, and lessons we all can learn from:

  • Not knowing what to do with her career, she took matters into her own hand and made a decision to move forward, no matter what the outcome
  • Recognizing that there is so much information and marketing advice out there, she took a try at one marketing tool that would gain her the best exposure
  • She pushed past any fears and insecurities to share her gifts and talents in a big way – with the world, so to speak
  • She went the unconventional route of most musicians  and was open to the ‘new’ ways of technology to advance her career
  • She embraced her new-found fame, humbly, which kept people wanting more and leading to the world-tour
  • She pursued her passion

Reading the journey of how a so-called ordinary person can reach their goal, and their way, should provide the encouragement to do the same.  Isn’t it time?


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