Creating Collaborative Spaces

When looking at fostering creativity in the work environment, one ‘too’ that leaders can offer their members is to allow collaborative spaces.  These are meeting areas, or work spaces, where member can go to either meet as a group, or for individual time, and be in creative mode.  The two types of modes that I think of are brainstorming and freethinking; brainstorming is where you have to come up with ideas, while freethinking is any and all thoughts or ideas that arise.  Personally, I prefer freethinking – the more I try not to control the process the easier I find the ideas flowing.

When creating collaborative spaces, an organization can designate offices or certain areas, liked a game room or den area; these spaces are not constrained and are arranged to enhance mood, which enhances creativity.   Colors, pictures and the like are considered.  Leadership needs to support the idea and encourage their workers to utilize these areas as often as possible; this will help to improve processes, systems, products and the like.  Making improvements within an organization should be high on the priority list, to not become stagnant; creating collaborative spaces is one solution to prevent this from happening.


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