Being Engaged in the Work You Do

We hear so much these days about employee engagement, which is the intersection of job satisfaction and investment in the work being done.  A recent Gallop poll found that we have a very unhappy workforce (48%) which would lead one to believe that half are disengaged.  However, a new report from Blessing White, a consulting firm, showed that:

  • 40% of workers they surveyed feel engaged since last year
  • 55% said they intend to stay at their jobs, which indicates a level of engagement to the company’s success
  • 48% feel they have career advancement opportunities with their employer, leading them to remain
  • 74% of engaged employees agree that they trust their manager, as opposed to 14% of those who are disengaged

When workers are highly engaged, they take more personal responsibility for their efforts and the results/outcomes on the work goals to be achieved.  Workplace culture plays a vital role in a worker’s level of engagement: when employees feel they are valued and  love coming to a place where they get more of their needs met, i.e. higher work tasks or projects or promotional opportunities, they will be more invested (engaged) and keep striving to reach and do more.

I believe that it is a personal responsibility to be involved in our work, which includes knowing ‘why’ we chose that line of work and then committing to feeling positive about the tasks/work we do.  Affirming daily the positive outcomes of our work day, as opposed to focusing on negatives, keeps us feeling more empowered and leads to feeling more engaged and wanting to continue to do so.  Showing up, being excited and ready to perform,  and committing to achieving company goals are the keys to being engaged in the work you do.



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