What Seems Revolutionary is Actually Evolutionary

Being an avid horoscope reader, I found mine for today very intriguing as the phrase in the title of this post was in it: “What seems revolutionary is actually revolutionary.”  The other ‘advice’ told me not to spend money on toys, to postpone travel for now, and to test ideas to avoid conflict.  I didn’t pay much attention to that advice but that phrase really popped out in inspiring me to address the intent and meaning, not just for myself.

As I contemplated on what this was saying, I thought it important to define the meaning of the words:

Revoutionary: constituting or bringing about a major or fundamental change (Webster’s Dictionary

Evolutionary: a gradual process in which something changes into a different and usually more complex or better form (Webster’s Dictionary)

As I equate these to life, which is what my horoscope was directing me to, the lesson is there: changes you want to make in your life don’t have to be major or instantaneous; they can occur over time if we allow them to.  We sometimes feel we have to make things happen, and happen now; it’s the phenomenon that’s occuring today of immediate gratification.  We often don’t recognize that those gratified feelings can vanish quickly.  If we would let those ideas marinate and evolve in a slower manner, one step at a time and with deep thought, focus and persistence, the outcome would be more meaningful. And those results would be, as the definition  states, better from your planned time and effort.

To be revoutionary, it starts with the big idea – allowing yourself to visualize what you want in your career, your business or your life and then writing those down; the focus here is on why you want to achieve that outcome and creating the awareness, such as through a vision board or journalng about the idea.  I would say this is how movements are started.

To be evolutionary, you need to take those ideas and put them into a written plan; you could mind-map or write a proposal plan that includes all of the steps/actions you would need to take, along with the people or resources.  The plan is what gives you the road map and helps you to be more methodical in moving towards that outcome.

It’s really amazing to me for when one can find inspiration, such as this horoscope.  I can’t wait to see what mine holds for tomorrow as it is special day for me.  Looking for inspiration or ideas can come all around us to I encourage you to find yours; it could spark your own revolution!


2 Replies to “What Seems Revolutionary is Actually Evolutionary”

  1. Getting plans down in writing always work well for me – going back to tick off each goal achieved (no matter how small) is always a good feeling and gets me motivated to write more goals down…and so on. Thanks for the post.


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