I’m Back…Let the Countdown Begin!

I recognize that I have been away from here for some time; I have been so busy teaching several online classes which has taken a majority of my time.  I have had 42 students between two classes and, for those unfamiliar with the online format, it consists of discussion questions and paper assignments, meaning that all I’ve been doing is reading and grading papers.   I think I’ve developed carpal tunnel from all the typing I’ve done (LOL)!

Here we are at the beginning of  a new month and what better time to get back in full-force.  For me, I am committing to a blogging challenge so you will be getting a new post from me daily.  I am ‘reving’ up to teach two new courses, in addition to my current class.  And I’m refining and streamlining areas in my business so hopefully the new offerings will meet your needs.

The countdown is on for those of you who are going to school.  This can be an exciting time as you get in preparation mode – buying supplies, new clothes, maybe moving into a dorm, and planning out your schedules, particularly if you have a family and a job to add into the mix.  Not only is this the time to plan out your schedules but it is the time to get mentally prepared for what is to come.   College is a natural progression to advance one’s career but it comes with certain responsibilities and commitments so now is the time to recognize and remember them as you are working to plan your schedules.

In the classes I teach, I often see work and life challenges get  in the way of student’s doing their work or submitting assignments timely;  issues and challenges will come up but it is how you navigate these challenges will determine your success in your schooling.  It is essential that you review any and all challenges that can arise before you begin your classes; this way, you will feel you have options and can adequately handle them.

In order to become fully prepared and ready for the challenge, here are some tips to help you be more successful:

  • Have the syllabus printed and the book(s) ordered.  Be sure to read the syllabus in detail for any and all assignments, weekly schedules, grading, and expectations for the course.  Order the book early as it can often be delayed which will leave you behind in the readings.
  • Get a planner and calendar; write down all the assignments in detail along with their due-dates and list them on the calendar (recommend a wall calendar or white-board type).  This will give you an overview of all the work that will need to get done for your classes and how your will schedule your days.
  • Plan your study and writing times; working backwards is a great way to ensure that you are adequately prepared.  If you have a paper due in Week 5, plan time in the earlier weeks to do research, write, and edit your work so you are not submitting it at the last minute which could adversely affect your grade.
  • Get in ‘mental mode’ – get excited about the journey, knowing that there will be an end but what that end-result will look like, i.e you walking across the stage to get your diploma, the new job/career.  Keep your focus on why you chose to go to school in the first place.
  • Relax – this can be a time of both excitement and trepidation so you want to find ways to deal with any emotions or feelings of stress that can arise.  Deep breathing, exercise, meditation, or just sitting in a calm place will help you to release any negative feelings and give you more resolve to face the tasks ahead of you.

I’m ready for my challenges so I hope you begin to get ready for yours.  No matter what stage you are in with your schooling, just entering or returning, preparation is the key to the next step, which is action.  If you follow these steps, you will feel more in control and confident, both of which lead to success!


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