Tips on Planning For Your Next Job/Career/Business

The count-down is officially on.  There are only 47 days until the new year begins.  I find it so hard to believe that Thanksgiving is next week – it has so early this year, which has thrown me off a bit.  Realizing this, I have gone into high-drive mode in order to assess what needs to be completed and then what I want to accomplish for next year.  Planning is never too early for your career or for your business.  Planning may take time now but think of how relaxing it will be in a couple weeks when others might be in a frazzled mode and you can enjoy the holidays as your work is complete!

Planning for the next 47 days will focus more on short-term goals, as opposed to long-term but they can extend into the future.  Here are some areas you will want to focus on  to help you:

  • Take time to review you accomplishments to date; look at your old calendar or planners/journals to see if you met your goals or thresholds.  Write down what you were able to cross off your list and what you still have left undone, or have not accomplished.
  • With the list that you completed, list what tasks you finished, what the results were, how you felt while doing them (these will usually stand out) and what you learned from them so you can build off of these lessons
  • With the list that you did not get done, do the same – write down what you didn’t get done, what blockages might have gotten in the way, access if this goal is still as important or necessary in your life, how do you feel when you think of not completing them and what can you commit to doing to get them off that list
  • With limited time, now look at the list and see if there is at least one (more is ok) that you can plan out, with actions and support, and then act on to finish out the year successfully

Focusing now on the new year, this may take a bit more time but the investment you make will be worth it once you have your complete plan in place.  Here are some steps to consider:

  • But a calendar,  print on one your computer, or you can use a whiteboard – you want to have one that is easy to use and big enough to write all your ideas on
  • List all of the activities you want to accomplish – do not limit yourself in this step – write down all of the goals you want to accomplish, such as take a class, facilitate a training session, learn a new skill, get a promotion, get 3 new clients a month, speak at a function, etc.
  • Now list under each of those goals you’ve identified all of the steps or resources you would need to get it done; if you want to speak at a function, you might include identifying groups/associations, people in those to contact, topics relevant for the group, etc.  If you are wanting to move ahead in your career, identify your current skill-set and then what you might need to market yourself, to update that resume, or to make contact with decision-makers.
  • Take out the calendar and start to block out the goal-date for a goal activity, and then plan backwards for what you will need to take action until you reach that.  Be sure to block out time for personal activities, including family time, so you can see how it all looks and balances
  • Once you are satisfied with your calendar, set the start date and hang the calendar where you will see it.  Keep the start date in front of you so you will be reminded of that day.  You might want to use decorate you calendar with affirmation sayings, like “This is going to be awesome”” or “My next successful life”.  This often sets off the excitement.

Planning can be fun if you set the intention.  You will certainly be more in control of your life and your career!

If you would like help with your planning, please contact me to learn more.   I’d love to hear what you do to plan for a new year?


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