What’s Old is New in the Job Search Realm

If you think that all employers will only look at your resume or application if it’s posted online, you might want to think again.  According to a report put out by Career Thought Leaders, they hosted a brainstorming call of career professionals from the U.S., Canada and the United Kingdom who came to discuss trends that are occurring or will occur in the world of careers.  I thought, over the coming days, that I would share and comment on some of these trends to give you an awareness that can elevate you and put you ahead of the pack.

One of the trends is in regards to the job search and is a recommendation I make to my clients who are in job-search mode.  Most days, the majority of employers want you to apply through their website, where you fill out there application and then upload your resume and cover letter.  While this may be standard procedure, there is nothing preventing you from mailing in your resume and cover letter through the mail.  Yes, I said through the mail!

Snail mail is making a BIG comeback in many areas, such as in direct marketing, and the job search arena is no different.  Employers are more apt to open mail they receive.  But, these documents should be presented very professionally.  Be sure that you use high-quality paper, such as 20lb or 24lb, and white or cream-colored.  You can either type the envelope or write the address, but be sure that the handwriting is legible and fully-written out.  You want to present yourself in the best light from the get-go.

You can then follow-up with a phone call in a few days to see if they received it; this could put your resume on notice or it could get you a phone interview on the spot.  The job search arena will be changing and I’ll be sharing some of those changes with you over the next few months.  Hope this helps.  Would love to hear your thoughts!


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