Day 31 – Goal Achieved!

Today marks the end of the month and the end of my 30 (31) day blog challenge – I made it!   While it was a bit challenging to find inspiration and to commit to writing daily, this was one of the most rewarding goals I have made.  I also learned several lessons from this:

  • I can commit and achieve a goal, if I challenge myself
  • Focusing on the end-result and the “why” enabled me to accomplish this goal
  • Sharing my stories was not as scary as I had thought; putting yourself ‘out there’ is a risk but pushing through is the only way to get to the end result
  • As time wore on, my writing got better; I was finding inspiration in a host of sources that enabled me to              share my message with others
  •  Blogging daily gets your presence out there and I find it a great way to attract new follow even  some new             clients

One other lesson was that my confidence in my skills grew and I now have people who not only want to connect with me but need to.  Hopefully, my lessons can become your lessons for any goals that you want to achieve.  I feel super excited today that my reward is taking a day off and going to recharge (and play) at Universal; I always feel happy there.  So now I challenge you to set a goal for September and to commit to making it happen.  Have a great day and a relaxing holiday weekend!  Share how you are going to spend this Labor Day weekend.


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