Weekends are Not Just for Chores

I’m writing a short one today as I’m off to go “play” – my term when I need to get recharged and get my creative cap on; I’m off to Universal.   Weekends are typically the days when we have to catch up on all the chores in our home or take care of errands we didn’t complete during the week.  We usually give so much to our jobs, and other obligations, that we can’t get it all done.

So today, finish those chores but make sure you take time to put your creative cap; it helps to unwind and focuses on the happier side of your brain so you won’t feel so bogged down by the work-week coming up.  Maybe you’ll get more focused on building that business you’ve wanted, or are creating, or get ready to deal with deadlines and workflows facing you in the coming weeks.  Hope you all have a creative day!


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