Letting Go of Negativity

All around us seems to be negativity.  We hear it from our government, from the media, and from generally unhappy people.  It seems I can’t go into the grocery store without someone complaining, whether that is the disgruntled cashier or a customer.  Oftentimes, hearing negative begets negative.  Isn’t it weird that you can start to have a negative, or uncomfortable, feeling when you meet an unhappy person, even if you were feeling happy?

Letting go of negative thoughts and feelings does not have to be difficult, as most people feel.  Our brains tend to hold on to negative thoughts, more than positive ones; researchers, such as Dr. Daniel Amen, have found that 80% of the average person’s daily thoughts are negative.  What a staggering statistic.  No wonder there is so much negativity going on!

In order to let go of negativity, you must change your thoughts, pure and simple.  However, it is is not as easy as that sounds. Awareness and consistency are required in this process.  It means knowing what triggers your mood descent – were you hurt or treated unfairly in some way?  You need to be aware of the inner negative talk going on so you can then practice (consistency) letting go and focusing on only positive thoughts.  Reframe the negative into a positive; challenge the negative thought to ask if it is absolutely true; and then give yourself permission to let go.

I use these techniques and, while I admit it is not always so easy, I find that I am smiling more!


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