Action Phrases and Power Verbs to Use on a Resume

Your resume is meant to give an overview of your achievements and your abilities and translate them to an employer in the hopes of gaining an interview.  With your past experiences, you had roles and responsibilities so when conveying them you want to be sure that you are using phrases and words that convey action.  You don’t want your resume to read like a job description but to relate your duties to actual actions and outcomes that were achieved.

Here are some samples of action phrases and powerful words that can enhance and emphasize the good work you’ve done:

  • Design, develop and deliver
  • Implement solutions
  • Developed and delivered
  • Assessed employee and client training
  • Analyzed and evaluated data
  • Reduced costs by $_____
  • Facilitated problem-solving meetings
  • Managed ___ employees
  • Created and implemented innovative approaches
  • Designed new processes

Some action words to use:

Accomplished                    Achieved                 Adapted                     Adhered                 Administered                Advocated

Budgeted                              Capitalized              Clarified                      Computed              Contributed                   Counseled

Decreased                            Defined                     Demonstrated          Directed                  Discovered                     Documented

Earned                                   Enabled                    Enforced                    Engaged                   Expanded                      Established

Facilitated                           Forecast                   Founded                    Fulfilled                    Generated                      Headed

Identified                            Implemented         Inspected                  Investigated           Joined                              Launched

Marketed                            Maximized               Merged                       Motivated                Negotiated                       Observed

Operated                             Ordered                   Organized                  Participated             Performed                        Pioneered

Planned                               Quantified               Raised                        Recommended        Reduced                             Reviewed

Scheduled                          Secured                    Simplified                 Submitted                 Tailored                              Tested

Trained                               Transformed          Upgraded                 Validated                   Worked                               Wrote


What others would you add to this list? Post your comments below!


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