6 Errors that Can Kill a Job Interview

According to a recent survey by Career Builder, the following are the most common errors that job candidates have made; some boggle the mind as to their behavior and begs the question, “What were they thinking?”

  1. answering cell phone or texting – 77%
  2. dressing inappropriately – 72%
  3. appearing arrogant – 72%
  4. talking negatively about current or previous employers – 67%
  5. chewing gum – 63%

The key is to be prepared and practice all areas of interviewing, including how you dress, how you walk in and out of the room, how you shake hands, and how you sit.   The more prepared you are, the more polished and confidant you will appear which will position you above other potential candidates.  If you are unsure or ‘rusty’, consider having a mock interview with your friends or seek out the services of a career coach to help you navigate through.

So my question is, have you ever been guilty of any these behaviors, or known someone who did; what else would you add to this list?  Would love to hear your thoughts!


3 Replies to “6 Errors that Can Kill a Job Interview”

  1. Even though I try to hide it I find it hard to not show my discontent toward my current position. I also have hate it when the handshake isn’t good. Sometimes the other person grabs the end of my hand/fingers.

    My other mistake was not being aware of “Full Spectrum Leadership”. This is something I need to brief up on.


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