10 Tips for Career New Year’s Resolutions

Since we’re now in the beginning of the New Year, I thought I’d repost tips from when I was  interviewed last January for an article in the Orlando Sun Newspaper. I hope these may help you to get serious about your career search or for reving up your career:

1. Set the intention – decide on what it is you want in your career – do you want to find a new job, keep your current job, change industries, move into a leadership role, be a better employee, or is this the year you will start your own business; being clear on what it is you want – and why – will help you structure your time and efforts more effective

2. Commit – to the process; what tools and resources do you need that will aid you in effectively managing your career

3. Assess – write down your skills, talents, abilities, interests, values, experiences or, in other words, what do you have to offer an employer ; also assess your preferred work environment – where do you your best work and feel happiest; what type of company culture aligns with your values and will support you

 4. Research – who is hiring for the job you want and then explore the position you want – the pay, the benefits, the responsibilties and skills to see if you have them; look at the organization itself to assess it stability and offerings; what is the state of the industry you are in or want to move into

5. Set goals – what is that you want – type of job or position, company, etc.; be specific and exact

 6. Action steps – define what activities you need to do on a daily or weekly basis that will take you to your goal

 7. Develop a job search strategy – what types of job search activities will be most effective to use: Job boards;  Published positions; Unpublished positions;  Networking;  Associations;  Alumni Associations;  Friends/family ; Direct contacts;  Job Fairs;  Recruiters/headhunters;  Chat Sites;  Company Websites;  Social networking – LinkedIn, Facebook, Connections, etc.

8.  Set up a specific daily activity log – how you will spend time in job-search mode on a daily basis; this will help you to keep focused and productive

9. Self-care – activities or interests that will help to keep up the emotional level; take time to destress, like taking a walk or listening to music

10. Support system – find support to help you when you might frustrated or discouraged, such as family, friends, a career coach or a job seekers support group


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