Your Resume: Does it Truly List All Your Accomplishments?

If you’ve been sending out resumes and not receiving any calls, then it’s time to look at what information you’ve been submitting, namely looking to see if your resumes includes all of your accomplishments and skills.   I see if over and over when working with clients – they negate past accomplishments or job skills as minor or unimportant and leave them off.  However, when you look at what they leave on, it is like a story with no ending.  Your resume needs to lay out the pieces of your work experiences, like the pieces of  a puzzle, so that an employer sees the completed picture.  Not doing so leaves them questioning your worth and you risk being put in the “No” pile.  You need to create a picture of your work history – what you’ve done in the past, what skills and abilities you possess, and the outcomes you’ve achieved.

Here are steps to help you ensure that you are presenting yourself in the best way:

1. Re-assess – go back and re-evaluate yourself and the past work experiences you’ve had; begin by writing down your skills, talents, abilities, values, past outcomes, job titles, management or training experience, or any other skill-sets.  Don’t hold back – just list ALL of them

2. Quantify – with those outcomes, attach numbers to them; for instance, if you managed employees then list how many, of you were responsible for a budget then state the monetary value, i.e. $5million dollars.   If you created a system, if you saved money or made money, list them with numbers.  Employers will be more interested in specific outcomes and want to see what you can do for them

3. Structure – take those new skills and experiences you’ve identified and put them a resume format that will get noticed.  Bullet-point those skills at the top, ensuring that they are desirable for the job you are applying for.  In your work history, be sure to put the outcomes you’ve achieved.

Add your education, volunteer experience or any professional associations to give a more rounded picture of your capabilities.   Applying for a job these days can feel tedious and nerve-wracking.   But if you are strategic and laser-focused then you will have the advantage over others.  Ensuring that your resume lists all of your accomplishments will leave an employer with no doubt and get you hired.


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