A Cool Resource to Aid in Researching Companies/Jobs

One of the most important steps in a job-search strategy is knowing the type of company or organization you would like to work in as it must match your personality and your values.  Whether it is a top-down or lateral environment, or an open, creative one the type of culture within the organization should allow your skills and personality to shine.  This is when you will do your best work and have more job involvement and satisfaction.  Without knowing this, or placing it as a priority, it can lead to feeling stifled and to daily stress.  It won’t lead you to feel valued and you will be “out-of-line” with the environment which can deter your productivity.

It is important to do the research on an organization to see if they are hiring for your particular job position, to uncover its stability and to learn about the culture you would work in.  There are several ways to begin the research process, including company websites, using LinkedIn, or asking people who may work in the organziation or know of someone who does.  Another resource to aid in this company research is www.Glassdoor.com; it is an online website where you can research not not only companies but jobs and salaries as well. It gives you a “behind the scenes” look at important information that you would want to have in order to make a decision on pursuing a position within an organization. It also includes career-related articles.  Check it out – and be sure to always do your research as it will help to ensure your career longevity and satisfaction.


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