Why Thinking Small Can Prevent You From Moving Forward

As a career and business coach, I work with a variety of individuals who are looking to advance in their professional lives.  That can be going through a job transition or navigating the perilous workforce.  One theme I have noticed is that they are thinking too small!  Thinking small can keep you in your current base of reality, or in the past, and prevent you from making the leap forward to success.  There are 4 reasons I have noticed:

1. Fear – they are holding onto some type of fear that hold them hostage

2. Self-Doubt – they don’t have great ego strength which leads them to feel they can’t get the “brass ring”

3. Negative Self-Talk – the fear and self-doubt get reinforced by their own negative self-talk

4. Media Overload – they listen to the negative views they’ve read in the paper, saw on TV or heard on the radio

There is no “quick-fix” to thinking large but you have to give yourself persmission to do so before you can take the steps to cognitively restructure your brain to be open and to think more positively, all of which will lead to seeing the possibilities that may be right in front of you.  Every time I hear someone say “there are no jobs out there”, I want to scream!  Whether there are jobs or not (there are), this type of thinking will prevent someone from even looking for a job, or from seeking that higher paying job.  Allow yourself to think as big as you want – this will then allow you to take the time and research if what you want is feasible. You will never know if you don’t try.  Taking from the book title, Think and Grow Rich, by Napolean Hil – think big and grow rich/be the success you are meant to be.


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