How a Whiteboard Can Help You to Be Successful

Thank goodness for the whiteboard! You know, those dry erase boards? To me, they are a blessing to keep one organized and on-track.  I recommend them to all my clients, as they are visual, they can be amended as goals are accomplished, and they can show us our successes, which is very important to keep you motivated and to keep accomplishing.

When using the whiteboard, don’t overload yourself with too many goals – choose no more than three. I think it’s helpful to first list all your goals, and then go back and number them in order of importance, as we often times list the most important goal last out of the anxety it may cause. 

Once you list your three most important goals, it is time to break them down into action steps; write them down on your whiteboard so you can check them off as you accomplish them and see how successful you are. I think it’s important to leave them up or a while so you can see that you have been productive and can master not only your goals, but your fears as well.  My clients that have used this technique have reported great success – which was the goal of our coaching sessions.  See if these tips work for you


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