The 3 Phases of Career Transitions

Ok, you’ve now decided to make a career change.  Maybe you’ve concluded that your field is obsolete or too competitive; perhaps you have come the realization that you have not felt fulfilled or happy in your current job.  In making the move, you will have to go through the 3 phases of a career transition: winding down, time out, and taking off.  Change can elicit a gamut of emotions so it is important to take these steps to help you navigate your career transition successfully.

1. Winding Down – this is saying “good bye” to your old career path, a reconciliation in the mind of a former role, title, or identity.  You will need to take on the new mindset of your new role and industry.  Read up on what is happening in the new industry so you can talk the talk; be around like-minded people so you will feel energized and confident.

2. Time Out – recognize that you will need some time to fully make the transition so this can a time to renew and refresh your emotional level.  Take time to exercise, mediate, or journal about your feelings, both on leaving the old personna and embracing the new.  You want to go full-force when you begin your new career path.

3. Taking Off – you are now ready to begin your new career or job with gusto!  This phase can bring new hope and excitement, along with other feelings like self-doubt or anxiety. Embrace those feelings and keep focused on why you decided on a new career path. The work you did in steps 1 & 2 will minimize your anxious feelings and keep you looking upward.


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