Spruce Up Your Leader Behavior

Employee engagement is a hot topic in workplace news.  Engagement means the degree to which employee’s are invested in their jobs and the organization.  Employee engagement is down – last figures show 54% – and a lot of it is due to a lack of involvement by leadership.  The downturn in the economy has led to poor treatment by employers who have had the mindset that employees should be thankful to be employed and will tolerate any directives given.  This thinking has led to employee’s having feelings of high stress and mistreatment, hence the high number in disengagement. 

We know that the economy is on the upswing and workers are looking for jobs again.  It is predicted that there will be large numbers of workers exiting their jobs in search of organizations that will treat them more respectfully and offer more interesting work.  This is the time that organizations need to practice due-diligence to refocus their practices and to find ways to retain their talent. If you are a leader, here are some tips to help you spruce up your behavior to do just that:

1. Assess your mindset – take the time to assess your thoughts and feelings about the state of your business practices and how you treat your employees; do you value them, are you open to their ideas and suggestions, do you have an “open door policy”?

2. Survey – talk to your employees to see how they are feeling about their jobs, the environment, the policies, you (as the leader); don’t be afraid to hear the truth – it might not be all bad and can give you direction on the future of your workforce

3. Take action – make the commitment to act on employee suggestions; involve them in the problem-solving process

4. Be the example – practice what you preach; employees will follow the person they feel not only talks the talk but walks the walk; leading by doing will earn employee’s respect and will empower you to make effective decisions to keep your team focused and productive

I am a firm believer that engagement is an employee’s responbility but it is the leader who sets the tone.  What are you doing to spruce up your leadership behavior? 


One Reply to “Spruce Up Your Leader Behavior”

  1. well said. too often there is a sense of entitlement that managers and/or owners have. too often they wonder why their business is not growing.

    i too believe a culture is important to foster growth and in turn profit. just like any relationship..both parties must feel rewarded for their efforts.

    Royal Loan Co.


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