7 Qualities that Help you Get Ahead in the Business World

Ever wonder what it takes to move ahead in your career?  A study that was done by Business Week  found that there are seven qualities that employers look for when promoting or moving employees into leadership roles.   Findings of the study indicated that women need to have more confidence and be more self-promoting  in order to develop move up the ladder; there are not many differences between men and women in the other desired qualities.

For men, the qualites that were valued the most by employers are, in order of importance:   self-confidence (66%) , integrity (59%),  self-discipline (51%),  talent (49%),  aggressiveness (30%),  political saavy (24%), and self-promotion (11%)

For women, the qualities that were valued most by employers, in order of importance, are: self-confidence (72%), integrity (58%), self-discipline (52%), talent (41%), aggressiveness (31%), political saavy (22%), and self-promotion (16%).

Any thoughts or feedback? Which do you value or need improvement in?


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