Your Career – Bringing Out Your Best

As you are going about your daily work-life, are you aware of job activities you do and are you bringing out your best through them?  In order to effectively manage your career, you must know what skills, talents, aptitudes, and the like, that you are using, what successes you have achieved, and take ownership of them.  The benefits to you are:

  • you will be fully aware of what makes you valuable to your employer (or a future employer); you can then keep using them which leads to mastery of these skills
  • you become the subject matter expert in your area, making you indispensable, giving you leverage for advancement opportunities
  • you will establish your “brand” which increases your worth
  • you will gain increased confidence and do your best work

When you work to bring out the best of you the gains are many, no matter if you work in an organization or  for yourself.   Begin to keep track of what you do on a daily basis, the outcomes, the effect it made on others, the impact on organizational goals,  and how you felt.  Take ownership for the work you do, meaning that each task you perform is more than just ‘doing my job’ – you are bringing  your best to those tasks which enhances and adds to the bottom-line.  Added benefits include increased job satisfaction and renewed commitment to always bringing out your best; you will be choosing to use your skills and expertise in positive ways that makes a difference in your daily work-life and to those you come in contact with in your organization.




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